HAPiGYM Specification Workshop

Please sign up using the form below to join our Specification workshop. The workshop will give you the opportunity to discuss what you need for your project, and influence any decisions we make about what to offer in the HAPiGYM. Once you have signed up, there is no obligation to proceed to the registration stage, but you will be given information to help you make this decision.

We are seeking engagement from engineering teams who specialise in control design and/or wave energy converter development. We of course welcome teams that specialise in both, but don’t want to exclude new ideas from teams that bring experience in just one of these areas.

    Data Privacy Statement

    The personal data that you provide to us will be used by HAPiWEC Team Members to allow us to process your Expression of Interest (EoI). We will email you important communications relating directly to your HAPiGYM involvement. If you also ticked “Yes” to receiving our e-Newsletter, we send these out no more frequently than once per month. You can request to have this data deleted at any time by emailing hapiwec@ed.ac.uk, or using the Contact Us web form. Unless we receive earlier instruction from you, we will retain your email address for the duration of the HAPiWEC project (April 2025). Your data will not be shared with any third party or data processors.