Future Wind & Marine 2023

PhD student Matthew Onslow attended Future Wind & Marine 2023 on the 17th of March in Glasgow. His PhD is aligned with the HAPiWEC project and is supervised by Adam Stock and David Forehand, Co-Investigators on HAPiWEC and leaders of work packages 2 and 4 respectively.

He presented a poster detailing the aims for his PhD: to investigate the benefits of introducing a co-design philosophy to the design of controllers for wave energy converters.  Whilst he is early in his PhD journey, events such as Future Wind & Marine have allowed Matthew to discuss ideas around co-design with a range of academic and industrial contacts.  Matthew is a key part of the HAPiWEC team, and his parallel work will greatly enhance the project outcomes.

Matthew’s poster is available here: https://pureportal.strath.ac.uk/en/publications/co-design-of-controllers-in-wave-energy-converters

If you would like to connect with Matthew (or anyone else in the project team) please use the contact form on this site: https://www.hapiwec.net/get-in-touch/