Expression of Interest Now Open (deadline past)

Updated 29th April 2023: Please note that our EoI has now closed – the current page is for information only. If you missed this opportunity, please use the Contact Us web form if you wish to join our future workshop(s).

The HAPiWEC team are now taking Expressions of Interest in our HAPiGYM programme.

This is why we’d like you to sign up:

  • Communications: GDPR rules means we need your consent to keep you updated.
  • Planning: Registration seems far away, but far away has the habit of creeping up quickly. Meanwhile you don’t have enough information to decide whether to register. Is the HAPiGYM aligned with your research interests? Could it be useful for student projects? Will you have the time and energy for what’s involved? When you sign up with an EoI, you’ll be kept updated, you’ll be the first to know when we publish resources, and we can answer your questions about what is involved.
  • A chance to influence the HAPiGYM: The HAPiGYM is not a competition, it is an evolving set of tools developed to meet the needs of the people using them. So we need to know what your needs are. The EoI alone will be enough for us to glean what types of projects and teams to expect. Also, we will invite all the EoI teams to an online specification workshop. Attendees will be divided into groups with similar interests and be invited to collate recommendations to ensure their requirements are understood.

Who is eligible:

There are no restrictions on who can take part: you could be a researcher in wave energy or in traditional control, a PhD student, a Master’s student looking for a short project,  or working in industry.  As our tools can be accessed remotely, you can be based anywhere in the world, and take part without incurring major costs.  There will be at least two GYM machines, each with several options, and you will be able to choose which are useful to you. Controllers can be written in a range of languages, and the algorithms can be kept confidential. We will endeavour to accommodate participants who don’t have access to MATLAB. There will be options to run the tools locally as a simulation, to run the simulation on our control hardware (Processor-in-the-Loop), or to progress to tank tests. These different levels of engagement make the HAPiGYM suitable for a wide range of users and project types.

However, the HAPiGYM does have requirements which may not suit everyone:

  • We would have access to the data generated by running your control policies, and reserve the right to anonymise the results and publish them in combination with other anonymised results. 
  • To be eligible to access the HAPiGYM in the tank for free, you will need to demonstrate technical competence by completing the Processor-in-the-Loop phase, and demonstrate a willingness to disseminate results by writing (or co-authoring) a conference paper on your Processor-in-the-Loop results.
  • Tank time will be available during limited time slots and during UK office hours.