Trip to Newcastle University

On the 27th of October, Adam Stock and Matthew Onslow went on a visit to Newcastle University to meet with Nick Baker and Farrel Asker to discuss the modelling of power take-offs (PTOs).

Nick and Farrel’s work primarily consists of finite element analysis of electrical machines, however the discussion revolved around how to create and implement parametrisable models of PTOs that could be simulated in real time using the HAPiGYM hardware, with the aim to create an adaptable model that can simulate a wide variety of different PTOs for the HAPiGYM users. Such a model should also be helpful to Matthew’s PhD on the co-design of wave energy converters (WEC), as part of this he is hoping to use genetic algorithms to optimise the parameters of a PTO to create a more efficient WEC.

The collaboration between Dr Baker and his EPSRC funded team will continue, as the models that Matthew is creating through the collaboration will be parameterised and used within HAPiWEC as well as through his PhD.

The trip included a visit to the Newcastle University “Slime Farm”, where the Newcastle team are investigating the impacts of marine growth on generators used at sea.

Both Adam and Matthew are alumni of Newcastle University and enjoyed the trip down memory lane being back in the toon (the Crown Posada still serves good ale) and are looking forward to future collaborations with Nick and Farrel as the models are developed.